TK/Kindergarten Transition

One of the few universals of childhood is the transition to school. Transitioning to TK/Kindergarten can be a challenging time for children and parents.

The move to TK/Kindergarten is a process that is most successful when it is carefully planned out.  At Redeemer, we start preparing our children for school from a very young age.  We ensure that our children enjoy their school experiences.  We also guide children through steady growth in social, physical, language and academic skills throughout their preschool years and encourage parents' involvement in their children’s education. In the summer months, we incorporate the following components to the Pre-K curriculum to help ease the children into the TK/Kindergarten transition.

  • Introduction of TK/Kindergarten routines and expectations by TK/Kindergarten teachers and students.
  • Structured outdoor exercise each morning.
  • Skill enhancement activities: literacy, math, science, retelling stories, name writing with upper/lower case, pencil grip, reciting addresses and phone numbers, etc.